Summer term 2019


301/308/313 Conceptual Design

What’s behind the wall!

Conception and design of wallpaper strips (300 x 60 cm). Without computer! Only handmade in original size. All methods of representation desired (drawing, illustration, painting, stamp printing, folding, embossing, embroidery etc.). In cooperation with the Shanghai Institute of Visual Art there is the possibility to exhibit these works at »First Shanghai International Paper Exhibition« in October 2019.

Supplementary programme:

Three-day workshop on large-format ink painting and illustration with Prof. Liu She from the School of Fine Art Nanjing

Course by Prof. Klaus Hesse

Course date: Tuesday, 10am to 4pm, Westwing, Room D301 

Introductory session: 16th of April 2019, 10am, Westwing, Room D301 

Consultation hours: Prof. Klaus Hesse on appointment: 




301/308/313 Conceptual Design


Never miss a good crisis!

Icebergs melt, now also plastic in fish, bees die, flora and fauna anyway, fine dust shortens life, weapons arsenals are rearmed, walls are rebuilt, war and hunger refugees wander around, radicalisation in the name of God, data giants spy on us, democracies are eroded, conflicts become wars, politics become tired and and and and... The list of global crises seems endless. Everything is going down the drain. Art and design, on the other hand, seem to be powerless. Or not! That's exactly what we want to find out.

Science, art and design

"Making Crises Visible" is the interdisciplinary research and exhibition project of the Leibniz Research Network "Crises of a Globalized World". Participating partners: HfG Offenbach, Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Hessische Stiftung für Friedens- und Konfliktforschung. The exhibition with students of the HfG will be shown in spring 2020 in the Senckenberg Museum of Nature. The aim of the project is to artistically depict and make visible crises and their creative potential. The joint exhibition project in the Senckenberg Nature Museum is intended to stimulate public perception and dialogue on crises in society. 

Thematic fields: 

Conflicts, catastrophes, migration, radicalisation, scarcity of resources, environment, violation of human rights, economy

The course is open to newcomers as well as to students of both faculties and all fields of study.

Supplementary programme:

1 Workshop at the HfG together with scientists at the beginning of the semester

2 Workshop with Kathia von Roth from Game Consulting Hamburg, 23-27 April 2019

3 Workshop "Making causes visible" in Lithuania together with the Vilnius Academy of Art (May)

4 Participation at the conference "What design can do! in Amsterdam (July)

Lecturers involved: Prof. Klaus Hesse, Felix Kosok, Ellen Wagner, Marc Ulm, Nikolas Brückmann 

Course dates: Fridays, from 10 to 16 o'clock, West wing D301

Introductory event: Tuesday, 16 April 2019, West wing D301, 10am

Further informations: