Manual for marveling

by Anja Wenz © 2001  

Anja Wenz created an interactive animation and a handbook of seemingly esoteric relaxation exercises. The individual exercises have been developed based on major yoga teachings. Nevertheless these exercises are clearly completely original. Anja Wenz forsook the physical aspects of relaxation and focussed on mental comfort. Her exercises aim at making people's perception of reality more sensitive and open. The exercises are named accordingly, for example 'marvelling is allowed'. There are no gaps between the design of the interactive animation and the printed handbook which is in the form of index cards. Thanks to a clever user interface the viewer is guided optimally and intuitively through both media.   

Anja Wenz focussed entirely on the use of fonts and illustration. The drawings are reduced to the minimum and lack a detectable ego. The user is thus prepared for the limitations of the exercise. Wenz does not allow distractions, she expects the user to focus completely. The typography flanking the exercises is non-intrusive and clearly structured. The background music works perfectly well with the concept. A broken, but charming chant, carried by the “Beat of Now” makes this work as perfect as Anja's exercises to find happiness. A very rounded work achieving Anja's own aims to perfection.