Distant Intimacy 

Due to the Covid-Pandemic, couples in long distance relationships have had to stay separated due to harsh travel-restrictions, closed borders and quarantine measures. Therefore, they have had to make use of technical devices to communicate. Phones and laptops have become essential items to keep the relationship healthy. The video demonstrates the intimate relationship between humans and technical devices, which serve as transmitters for emotions and sexuality. They attempt to bridge the gap of the physical distance between the partners which in turn creates a bizarre image: Intimacy, as we know it between humans, is now happening with and via technical devices.

This affectionate and erotic usage has become a matter of course and we can ask ourselves this question: To what extent do we normalize this extraordinary intimate usage of media? How much of our emotions and body do we dare to show in front of our devices? Will there be - or is there already a new understanding of sexuality? One could say, that sexuality needs to be defined differently in today’s technological day and age. It is now something that can not only be experienced in a traditional and physical way, but as something that is also possible over long distances.