»The Parallel« by Katharina Holl ©2020 with Prof. Klaus Hesse

"The Parallel" three-part video installation by Katharina Holl ©2020

Everyday, sometimes absurd situations are shown in three interactive animation loops running simultaneously but independently of each other. These snapshots usually deal with the metaphorical parallel. In other words, with the contemporaneous, but unrelated. More rarely with the geometric figure of the parallel.

On the left, in the form of stop-motion dolls sewn by hand, which live on cloud-covered mountain tops in a photo collage based on drone shots. In the middle, in which a digitally drawn, colourful city scenery with its passers-by can be seen. Or in the right screen, where a person drawn with ink on tracing paper can be seen in front of penguins swimming past.

The individual picture elements are all located in their own animation circuits, which run asynchronously to the others. Each screen has its own formal Characteristics that set it apart from the others. As well as its own soundtrack, which played together, complement each other. Self-drawn text fragments move from screen to screen and are visible as soon as sounds from nearby observers are detected.