»sushi 13« is on a quest

for exceptional ideas and for the people behind them. They can teach us whether their own conceptual search has influenced their creative perspective and how far chance, or a set process of design, or even a proactive decision to simply leave it to chance helps with the daily search for the big idea. Searches leave trails. We have been following them to find something new. »sushi 13« also showcases the award-winning ADC's findings from its search for the talents of the year and gives an insight into how exceptional internationally successful creative people spend their time. Editorial Design: Carina Böhler, Nicole Landwehrs, Jana Garberg, Tobias Teickner, Astrid Wolter / llustration Cover: Vesna Pešić / Editor Art Directors Club für Deutschland, Sponsor Focus Magazin, Verlag avedition ISBN 978-3-89986-160-0 / 

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Thomas Reuter wins Rudo Spemann Price

The 2.500 euro awarded to the winner of the Rudo-Spemann-Preis (Rudo Spemann Prize) 2011 go to Thomas Reuter. The prize honouring the work of Offenbach's typographical artist (1905 bis 1947) is awarded every second year. The underlying competition aims at students of art academies working with the art of writing, calligraphy and typography. This year's task was to deliver two works in regards to Goethe's Faust. 36 works from eight different universities competed this year. Reuter's calligraphy design is the result of an experiment, playing with conscious and sub-conscious writing. Right-handedThomas Reuter wrote with his left hand, using felt/tip pens and various kinds of paper as material.  

Rudo Spemann Preis Thomas Reuter Prof. Klaus Hesse

Sophia Preussner, Marina Kampka, Robert Kulet and Yuwei Hu win the poster competition of the Frankfurter Buchmesse (Franfurt Book Fair)

Students of the four universities with design faculties in Wiesbaden, Offenbach, Darmstadt and Mainz were invited to enter this contest. These upcoming artists submitted 80 works altogether. On June 1st the jury – comprising members of the Frankfurt Book Fair, the organising committee „Sagenhaftes Island“ (Mythical Iceland), the culture department of the city of Frankfurt, the Museums für Angewandte Kunst and the Deutscher Designer Clubs – named the three winners. Second prize and 1000 euro went to HfG student Sophia Preußner for her poster »Moosblau. Rostgrün. Eisrot« (»mossblue, rustgreen, icered«). In the period before the coming Book Fair the two best-placed motifs are going to be shown around Frankfurt. The ten best-placed designs will become a set of post cards available in several cultural institutions in Frankfurt and, in the Forum, for guests of honour at the fair itself. Amongst these are designs by HfG's students Robert Kulet: »1000 Bücher« (»1000 Books«), Marina Kampka »Eine Frau schwängern« (»To Impregnate a Woman«) und Yuwei Hu: »Sagenhaftes Island« (»Mythical Iceland«).  

Frankfurter Buchmesse 2011 Island Klasse Hesse

Jian Xu, Saskia Krauss, Astrid Wolter and Philipp Möller win poster competitions

The Hubert E.A. Sternberg Stiftung (Hubert E.A. Sternberg Foundation) is offering research prizes for the design of a poster to celebrate one of Germany's oldest universities: »625 Jahre Universität Heidelberg«. Amongst the awardees is HfG's student Jian Xu. He receives 1.500 euro. The prize will be awarded in October at the final ceremony of Heidelberg university's jubilee. Astrid Wolter's design was awarded and exhibited at the poster competiton »Alles Liebe« (»Only Love«) of the Deutsches Studentenwerk (German National Association for Student Affairs). Saskia Krauss, Marco Gabriel and Philipp Möller each won a distinction at the international competition »Water is Life«.  

Jian Xu 625 Jahre Universität Heidelberg Klasse Hesse

Golden Bee for Carina Böhler

Carina Böhler won an award at the »Golden Bee«, Moscow International Biennale of Graphic Design. Founded in 1992 as a biennale for graphic design, this event is regarded as one of the most important and most prestigious competitions for non-commercial graphic design. Böhler designed the prize-winning poster »Integration fängt bei dir an« (»Integration starts with you«) for the Deutschen Fussballbund (German Football Association) gestaltet. Prof. Klaus Hesse supervised the competition. Golden Bee is supported by the International Council of Graphic Design Associations ICOGRADA, International Biennales Coordinating Committee IBCC.  

President of the Biennale: Dr. Serge Serov  

International Jury: Igor Gurovich/Russia, Dylan Kendle/TOMATO UK, Stefan Sagmeister/USA, Ahn Sang-Soo/South Korea, Niklaus Troxler/Switzerland, Anette Lenz/France  


DFB Klasse Hesse

International awards for students of communication design

»sushi 12« designed and created by Marina Kampka, Nicolas Kremershof and Jian Xu was nominated for gold at the iF Communication Award. At the »China international Cutting-Edge Designer Contest« in Xi'an »sushi 12« received a silver medal. Also many works by students of the HfG won awards (see survey). Designer and students from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Poland participated. The Jury: Bi Xuefeng (Shenzhen), Zhou Jingming (Chengdu), Wang Jinhua (Xi'an), Peng Check (Xi'an). All works were supervised either by Prof. Klaus Hesse or Prof. Sascha Lobe. Other winners from the HfG were: 


Jian Xu:  

2011 iF Communication Award »sushi 12«  

2011 China International Cutting-Edge, Silver, »sushi 12«  

2011 China International Cutting-Edge, Bronce, »Woman«  

2011 China International Cutting-Edge »True type«  

2011 China International Cutting-Edge »Hanshan-Poesienacht«  

Nicolas Kremershof:  

2011 iF Communication Award »sushi 12«  

2011 China International Cutting-Edge, Silver, »sushi 12«  

2011 China International Cutting-Edge »Klimaschutz«  

Felix Kosok:  

2011 China International Cutting-Edge »Kosi«  

2011 China International Cutting-Edge »Black«  

Marina Kampka:  

2011 iF Communication Award »sushi 12«  

2011 China International Cutting-Edge, Silver, »sushi 12«  

Benjamin Franzki:  

2011 China International Cutting-Edge »Water is life«  

Jan Münz:  

2011 China International Cutting-Edge »Peter Pan« 

sushi 12 Klasse Hesse

Laughed at, forbidden and celebrated

With more than 70 posters students of the HfG Offenbach participated in the exhibition »Verlacht, verboten und gefeiert. Die Geschichte des Frauenfußballs in Deutschland« (»Laughed at, forbidden and celebrated. The history of women's football in Germany«). The exhibition draws an arch from the beginning of women’s football in the German empire around 1900 to the foundation of the first women's football club 1930 by Lotte Specht. On show, for example, was the set of china that the DFB (German Football Association) presented to women players for winning the European Championship in 1989. It's embarrassing but true! The foyer of the exhibition presented the 70 posters - either ironic or provocative - dealing with the issue of female football. They were designed by HfG' students under the supervision of Prof. Klaus Hesse, following a suggestion by Dr. Stefan Soltek, director of the Klingspor Museum. The exhibition was framed by a series of films and panel discussions with the participation of DFB's president Theo Zwanziger. 


The designers:  

Anna Skopp, Astrid Wolter, Berenike Eimler, Cosima Peth, David Bausch, Dominik Gussmann, Fabia Kuhlmann, Fabia Pospischil, Fan Ding, Felix Kosok, Feng Liu, Indre Kasulaityte, Jack Wolf, Jan Hanitsch, Jasmin Kallert, Jian Xu, Johannes Klingelhöfer, Krystyna Jankowska, Lara Hies, Linda Horn, Lorenz Klingebiel, Lucie Mach, Marcus Lüttgau, Max Geisler, Michael Mamica, Marco Gabriel, Marco Poblete, Nicolas Kremershof, Nora Mohr, Karolina Novoselskaja, Karin Rekowski, Thomas Reuter, Nicolas Ritter, Philipp Moeller,, Rebecca Tulloch, Ruben Fischer, Saskia Kraus, Stephanie Mautz, Tetyana Kovalchuk, Yacin Boudalfa, Young Park, Yuwei Hu, Zaneta Kern, Zhen Wu  

DFB Klasse Hesse