B3 – Biennale of the moving image

With the »B3 – Biennale des bewegten Bildes« or »B3 – Biennale of the moving image« the German federal state of Hessen has created a new international festival for the creative and artistic sectors. »B3« establishes a new, sustained and integrative platform for television, movie and media workers as well as for artists. The Biennale consciously questions the division of this scene into different disciplines and promotes networking. The concept rests on three pillars and the »B3-Festival« has been created by international curators. Visual arts, film, animation, science, games and advertising will be given equal biling. The »B3-Parcours« will be furnished by Deutsches Filmmuseum, Frankfurter Kunstverein, Museum für Kommunikation Frankfurt, Weltkulturen Museum and by the Museum für Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt with their own complimentary contributions. The »B3-Campus« is not only open for students and educators as a platform for exchange, but also serves as a window into the universities who offer professional training in the creative arts. The festival is produced by the federal state of Hessen, LPR Hessen and the city of Frankfurt. Hosts are the Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach in cooperation with the Hessische Film- und Medienakademie. Deutsche Bank and satis & fy are sponsors. »B3 – Biennale des bewegten Bildes« will start in October 2013 for the first time.  

B3 Biennale des bewegten Bildes Klasse Hesse

© 2012 idea, design and supervision:Nikolas Brückmann, Klaus Hesse, Yuriy Matveev


Print is out – Walter Ganster leaves the engine room

Walter Ganster served for 36 years as a teacher for special tasks at the Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach. Now he’s retiring. He has built HfG's studio for reproduction print and was responsible for offset and screen printing. In the late 1970s he acquired the school’s first scanner and familiarised himself with new technology. Walter Ganster reinvented himself for the third time in the late 1980s. He was one of the first educators at the HfG, who started working with digitalised prints and photos. His studio was always state-of-the-art and he was able to repair most of his own equipment. His door was always open for both students and colleagues. He has never considered a question as “too stupid” and he is always generous with his time. Patiently he showed and explained how ideas can be turned into perfect paper prints. No matter whether it took three minutes, three hours or three days, Walter Ganster always found the time. In doing so he never meddled with his students' designs. He simply showed the way to optimal realisation. Walter is a humble man who does not seek the limelight. But he will inform you of his views when it matters, not just weeks later. He is the best partner a designer can wish for. At the HfG Walter Ganster is irreplaceable. 

Walter Ganster Klasse Hesse

Dipl.-Ing. Walter Ganster

Nicolas Ritter wins Hessenpark's design competition

During the summer semester of 2012, 24 students with a focus on communications design worked on a design concept for the open air museum Hessenpark. It's director Jens Scheller and his team initiated a design contest for students to create a new corporate logo for the museum which was founded in 1974. One core task of the museum is to introduce its visitors to 400 years of cultural history in Hessen in the most lively way possible. To achieve this, the museum has collected cultural artefacts and now presents them in their historical context. On 60 hectares the museum showcases historical buildings from all over the federal state of Hessen which could not be maintained in their original position. More than 100 buildings now stand there to represent different regions, different eras and various historic economic or social aspects of their time. Buildings are recreated in a symbolic village or in a farm setting, often with their interior decorations intact. In addition the museum is working on re-cultivating lost species of fruit trees and re-breeding ncient species of domesticated animals. Vivid exhibitions, guided tours and events transport the historical context into the present. Professor Klaus Hesse served as director of the design contest. 


The winners 

1st price Nicolas Ritter. 5.000 Euro  

2nd price Indre Kasulaityte, 2.000 Euro  

3rd price Alina Lottmann, 1.000 Euro  

3rd price Robin Klussmann, 1.000 Euro  


The jury  

Federal minister Prof. Dr. Luise Hölscher, chair woman of the Freilichtmuseum Hessenpark GmbH  

Hans-Dieter Homberg, CEO of Taunus-Sparkasse  

Jens Scheller, museums director Freilichtmuseum Hessenpark GmbH  

Prof. Kai Bergmann, dean, Hochschule Augsburg  

Prof. Klaus Hesse, dean, Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach  

Corporate Design Wettbewerb Hessenpark Prof. Klaus Hesse

Tetyana Kovalchuc, Stephanie Mautz, Zaneta Kern, Karolina Novoselskaja, Polina Livshits, Magdalena Fournillier, Tatjana Littau, Alina Lottmann, Fan Ding, Julia Lottmann, Nadja Broßler, Robin Klussmann, Sara Nahid Abtahi, Astrid Wolter, Thomas Reuter

»Identity by doing« in Hangzhou/China

Students of the HfG exhibit at the prestigious »China Academy of Arts« (CAA) in Hangzhou. Invited by the CAA, Klaus Hesse not only serves as member of the jury for the »13th Platinum Creative Competition« from October 20th to 26th, 2012 but also presents and leads workshops. At the same time the academy's gallery will show the exhibition »Identity by doing«. Exclusively on show are work by the HfG's students and alumni and by Klaus Hesse and Hesse Design. Curators are Zhengda Chen (lecturer at the CAA) and Jian Xu (Alumni HfG Offenbach). »China Academy of Arts« is with 7000 students the largest art academy in China and belongs amongst the most prestigious and influential in Asia.  


On show are works by students and alumni of HfG Offenbach:  

Catrin Altenbrandt, Victor Balko, Carina Böhler, Kim Angie Cicuttin, Fan Ding, Simon Ehses, Christina Föllmer, Sabine Funk, Marco Gabriel, Johanna Goerg, Martin Gorka, Teresa Habild, Linda Horn, Yuwei Hu, Agnes Kalla, Jasmin Kallert, Marina Kampka, Robin Klussmann, Felix Kosok, Nicolas Kremershof, Stefanie Kurt, Janina Lahoda, Leonie Link, Tatjana Littau, Michael Mamica, Jan Münz, Adrian Niessler, Kathrin Polikeit, Arndt Poser, Fabia Pospischil, Karin Rekowski, Thomas Reuter, Nick Ritter, Katrin Schacke, Anna Seibel, Caroline Senkel, Catrin Sonnabend, Cornelia Vogt, Lukas Wagner, Astrid Wolter, Zhen Wu, Jian Xu, Adam Zawadzki, Heinrich Zimmermann. Kuratoren: Zhengda Chen, Jian Xu  


Exhibition »Identity by doing«  

October 22nd to December by December 1st 2012  

China Academy of Art  


The 13th Platinum Award  

Klasse Hesse exhibition in Hangzhou / China

Poster by Jian Xu ©2012

Nominated for the German Design Award 2013

Katja Baumann and Kim Angie Cicuttin, both HfG alumni, belong to the 5 finalist of the Newcomer German Design Award 2013. An independent jury from the »Rat für Formgebung« (German Design Council) nominated 5 young designers from all over Germany for the Newcomer German Design Award. This year, two graduate students from HfG's section for communications design are amongst the finalists. All five have been invited to Frankfurt for a price giving ceremony in February 2013. The prize giving takes place together with the trade fair »Ambiente« and will be flanked with an exhibition of the winning designs. The newcomer finalists will also be present with a selection of their work. In addition they will be introduced to the public in an online exhibition at and within the published catalogue of the German Design Award 2013. The winner amongst the five finalists will be announced in the price giving ceremony in February 15th 2013. The award comprises 15.000 Euro, the four other nominees will each receive 2500 Euro. Both nominees from HfG took their exams after having studied with Prof. Klaus Hesse.  


The »Rat für Formgebung« was founded in 1953 as a foundation by the German parliament, Deutscher Bundestag. It supports the industry in all matters of design and is one of the world leading centres of competence for communication through design. Exhibitions, convents, competitions and publications keep the subject of design in the public debate. Members of the foundation are designers, entrepreneurs.  

german design award 2013

left:Kim Angie Cicuttin Baumannhttp://www.katjabaumann.com

sushi 14 with an attitude

Not every opinion is an attitude, but every attitude is the result of an opinion. People with real attitude have become rare. sushi 14 gives them a platform: people with their own ideas. People with something to say. People with polarising positions who have become well-known thanks to their commitment and independent thought. Some will only provoke disbelief, others will astonish us, but most of them are to be admired. The act of reading sushi 14 will also demand an open mind since the magazine rotates around its own axis. The publication boasts contributions from Juliane Rebentisch, Siggi Becker Niklaus Troxler, Erik Kessels, Aram Bartholl, Julius von Bismarck and many others. And as always, sushi 14 presents all academic and practical work from students and graduates that won awards in the ADC-Nachwuchswettbewerb 2012 (young talent award by the Art Directors Club Germany).  


Text and design by Nikolas Brückmann, Yuriy Matveev and Sophia Preussner. Since 1999 the annual magazine gets designed, written and produced by different groups of HfG students. Professor. Klaus Hesse initiated the project and has since supported each editing team. Sponsor is »Focus« magazine, Burda.  


sushi - magazine for young creativity  

publishers: Art Directors Club Germany, Verlag avedition, 300 pages / 4-colours / more than 300 images, ISBN: 978-3-89986-175-4  

sushi 14

Editorial and Design by Nikolas Brückmann, Yuriy Matveev und Sophia Preussner

“Circuit tour” 2012

Exhibition conceptual design  

July 6th and 7th 2012  

HfG Offenbach, Schlossstraße, West wing, room D 301  

Friday 7pm to 10 pm  

Saturday 2pm to 8pm  

Sunday 2pm to 8pm  



_ Zukunft des Lesens (The future of reading)  

_ Neuseeland - Frankfurter Buchmesse 2012 (New Zealand at Frankfurt Book Fair 2012) 

_ Wörter sind Schätze (Words are precious) 

_ Das Prinzip Buch (The book principle) 

_ Vorbilder/Nachbilder (role models)  

_ Besser hört nie auf (Better never stops) 

_ Studieren mit Behinderung (Studying with a disability) 

_ Mut zur Wut (Courage for Rage) 


Editorial Design  

_ Sushi 14 has an attitude 

_ results of the des Lü+Lü-Work shop 


Basics in communication design  

_ »Pockets« Real Grandness  

Corporate Design  

_ Albert Schweitzer Schule Offenbach (Alber Schweizer School Offenbach)  

_ Hessen schafft Wissen (Hessen produces knowledge) 

_ »Neugierig« Institut für Sexualpädagogik (“Curius” Institute for sex education) 



_ Was hat Venedig zu verstecken? (What has Venice to hide?)  

_ Open Design  

_ Konasana  

Rundgang 2012

Idey by Karin Rekowski and Philipp Möller. Design by Berenike Eimler

Kim Angie Cicuttin wins Red Dot »Best of Best«

Almost 7000 works from 43 countries were handed in for the Red Dot Communication Design Award 2012 to be appraised by a prestigious international jury. Kim Angie Cicuttin's work for her diploma at HfG »Was hat Venedig zu verstecken« (What has Venice to hide”) is amongst the winners. The award ceremony will be held on October 24th 2012 in the Konzerthaus Berlin.  


The work is a series of posters using info graphics to depict the catastrophic amount of pollution Venice had to deal with in the past 100 years. It focuses on the reasons for this issue and posits solutions. The work focusses on the idea t allow nature to take back its space, to deal with the damage and to reposition the city as a leading hub for trade in Europe.  

»Was hat Venedig zu verstecken« 
Diploma by Kim Angie Cicuttin ©2011 

Fulbright Stipendium Laura Hartmann

»What has Venice to hide« Diploma work by Kim Angie Cicuttin ©2011

Fulbright Scholarship for Laura Hartmann

An annual stipend by Fulbright allows for one year at a university in the United States of America. Inaugurated in Germany in 1952, the scholarship awards up to 55 students per annum. The programme is dedicated to the American senator J. William Fulbright. Fulbright belonged to the Democratic Party and worked throughout his whole political career for higher education and international exchange. Amongst many others Ulrich Wickert (journalist), Jonathan Franzen (author) and Doris Dörrie (film director) are Fulbright alumni.  


Laura Hartmann studies illustration and conceptual design at the HfG. Her posters and illustration are widely exhibited. Currently two of her works regarding New Zealand are shown in the Museum für Angewandte Kunst in Frankfurt (MAK). From September Laura Hartmann will study at the University of Massachusetts' College for Visual & Performing Arts for a »Master of Fine Arts Visual Design Program«. She will focus on illustration and graphic design. 

Fulbright Stipendium Laura Hartmann

»Die Stunde der wahren Empfindung« by Peter HandkePoster by Laura Hartmann ©2011

The future of reading
Panel discussion, 29th of May 2012

How does the digital evolution change readers' behaviour and the world of publishing? Will the democratisation of publishing and criticism into an epoch of unmanageable knowledge or oblivion? Is the end of linear reading the end of literature? Will printed objects be the luxury items of the future?  


Presentation by:  

Dr. Petra Eggers studied English, roman languages and history at the University of Kontanz and started her career as editor at Suhrkamp Verlag and S. Fischer Verlag, before she started her own literary agency in Berlin 16 years ago. Her agency manages the rights of 300 authors. Together with seven colleagues Eggers deals with the national and international rights for literary and academic titles, non-fiction, entertainment, thrillers and cookery and children's books. 



Siggi Becker studied computer science but became a musician. He spent the 1990’s commuting between the diligent observation of technological and societal processes of acceleration and hand-made music. As early as 1994 he gave his first speech on the technological singularity of nanotechnology. He has been writing his online blog since 2003. In 2007 he won the Grimme Online Award together with Mario Sixtus as electronic reporter in the category science and education.  


Prof. Peter Eckart studied product design at the Bergische Universität Wuppertal and at the HfbK Hamburg at Prof. Dieter Rams, amongst others. After winning the Braun Award (1989) he worked as product designer for Braun in Kronberg. 1993 he started his own design agency, focussing on industrial design and systems of orientation. Since 2000 Peter Eckart teaches »Integrating Design« at the HfG Offenbach.  


Dr. Petra Gropp studied German philology, literature and roman languages at the universities of Mainz and Dijon where she started teaching and researching after graduation. She lectured at Fachhochschule Mainz and is currently teaching at the University in Hildesheim. For S. Fischer Verlag she works as editor for German literature.  


Sebastian Oschatz is co-founder of and project manager at the media collective MESO in Frankfurt where he designs interactive media systems. He studies computer science at the TU Darmstadt and since 2003 has lectured on interface design and new media in Ulm, Kassel und Offenbach.  


Christoph Schröder studied literature and philosophy in Mainz and lives as a freelance author in Frankfurt/Main. Amongst others, Schröder works for Süddeutsche Zeitung, Frankfurter Rundschau and Zeit. Since 2007 he teaches literary criticism at the institute for book and media practice at the Goethe-Universität Frankfurt/M.  

Die Zukunft des Lesens

Panel discussion, 29th of May 2012Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach/M, Isenburger Schloss, Kapelle, Schlossstraße, 19 Uhr, Moderation Peter Kemper (hr2), Veranstalter: HfG Offenbach/Prof. Klaus Hesse und hr2-kultur

Making books

Lü Jingren, guest of the Hochschule für Gestaltung and the Klingspor Museum in Offenbach, is a book creating artist with worldwide recognition. Lü's books are an exciting event for both the eyes and tactile senses. His work combines the influence of modern graphic design with traditional Chinese artistic principles. Lü Jingren and Lü Min from Beijing will lead a three day long work shop for book-binding at the HfG Offenbach. Sven Dorn will accompany and support the work shop. Unfortunately, the number of participants is limited. Sign up ends with Klaus Hesse ends on April 18th, :  


Workshop Making Books 

with Lü Jingren and Lü Min  

April 25th to 27th, 2012 > Buchbinderei HfG Offenbach  


Exhibition Klingspor Museum  

Lü Jingren book design  

April 19th to June 10th, 2012 at Klingspor Museum Offenbach/M  

Launch party with Lü Jingren on April 26th, 2012, 7pm  

Presentation by Dr. Stephan Graf Schulenburg, Museum für Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt/M  



Lu and Lu Workshop Prof. Klaus Hesse

Lü Min und Lü JingrenJingren Art Design Studio
Lü Min und Lü Jingren 

Jingren Art Design Studio 
Prof. Lü Jingren was born in 1947. Book designer, illustrator, professor at Academy of Arts and Design of Tsinghua University, member of Alliance Graphigue Internationale [AGI], deputy director of Book Binding Art Committee at The Publishers Association of China, Member of Illustration and Binding Art Committee at Chinese Artists Association, chief director of Jingren design studio. Lü Jingren is dedicated to the field of book design and teaches editorial design, info graphic, book illustration, etc, at Tsinghua University. Books he designed have won many international awards. (2009 The Chinese Memory -Treasures of 5000-years Civilisation, Winner of Appreciate Honnor, The Best Designed Book From The World ). Jingren Art and Design aims at a comprehensive visual effect-breaking the tenet of “decorating the cover only”, and instead embodying the concept of creative design, in-depth grasp of whole visual information and the five-sense reading experience. His work strives for a balance between intellectualism, tradition and modern visual expression to achieve “oriental style without drawing directly from the past”.

Albert-Schweitzer-Schule gets a new logo

Thomas Reuter won the internal competition at HfG to create a new corporate design for the high school in Offenbach. The medical doctor and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1913 founded a jungle hospital in Lambaréne, Gabun, and since that acted as patron for many public institutions. It is a historical fact that a pelican was the feathered companion and friend of Albert Schweitzer: he even wrote a book about the animal. Thomas Reuter designed a memorable form of a pelican, creating a stylised »S« to signify »Schule« (School) or the name »Schweitzer«. The managing conference of the school decided to start using the new logo immediately. The exhibition with nine design concepts by students of the HfG can be seen in the Albert Schweitzer Schule's foyer.  

Klasse Hesse

Von links nach rechts: Klaus Hesse, Fan Ding, Heinrich Zimmermann, Linda Horn, Jasmin Kallert, Thomas Reuter

Klasse Hesse

Ausstellung in der Albert Schweitzer Schule, Offenbach/M, Waldstraße 113

Zeichen von Thomas Reuter bei Prof. Klaus Hesse

© 2012 Thomas Reuter

Announcement: The future of reading

How does the digital evolution change readers' behaviour and the world of publishing? Will the democratisation of publishing and literary criticism morph into an epoch of unmanageable knowledge or oblivion? Is the end of linear reading the end of literature? Will printed objects be the luxury items of the future?  


»Books are the last outpost of the old business model«. »To read on your own is going to get so outdated as it is to watch silent movies today«. »The book is on its way to become a »location« where readers meet«. »We should stop thinking about the future of publishing and instead start thinking about the future of connected reading«.  


This event will shine light from all sides on the »Future of Reading«. An exhibition in the Klingspor Museum Offenbach with works of the contemporary book designer Lü Jingren will for six weeks show the most beautiful aspects of books. Lü's books are an exciting sensation for eyes and tactile senses alike. He is regarded as one of the most influential book designers the world over. The artist who works in Japan and China will present a workshop in book binding at the HfG together with the graphic designer Lü Min, his son. To create contrast to this classical way of design a series of panel discussions and presentations will evaluate the future of reading matter. The radio station Hessischer Rundfunk (HR2) will distribute these discussions. Participants will be leading players in sections like publishing, IT and design. The exhibition »Plakate zum Wort« (Posters for words) by HfG's students in the Ölhalle of the Offenbach's port transports the outspoken attitudes of the youngest generation of designers in regards to the issue at hand.  


Cooperation Klingspor Museum, Hessischer Rundfunk, Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach/M  

Die Zukunft des Lesens

Workshop making booksby Lü Jingren und Lü Min25th until 27th of April 2012Exhibition Klingspor MuseumLü Jingren book design19th April until 10th Juni 2012 at Klingspor Museum Offenbach/MOpening mit Lü Jingren am 26. April 2012, 19 UhrOpening time; Di Do Fr 10 until 17 Uhr > Mi 14 until 19 Uhr > Sa So 11 until 16 UhrExhibition ÖlhalleStudents of HfG»Plakate zum Wort«16. Mai until 30. Mai 2012 at the exhibition hall of HfG Offenbach, Hafen 6 > Opening time Di Mi Do Fr 15 until 18 Uhr > Sa So 11 until 15 UhrPanel 29th May 2012with Siggi Becker (Elektrischer Reporter), Christoph Schröder (Autor) Sebastian Oschatz (Meso Digital Interiors), Dr. Petra Gropp (S. Fischer Verlag), Prof. Peter Eckart (HfG Offenbach), Moderation: Peter Kemper (Hessischer Rundfunk)Schloss Isenburg, Kapelle, Schlossstraße, Beginn 19 UhrKeynote, 5th Juni 2012 Dr. Petra Eggers (Literaturagentur Berlin)Schlossstraße 31, Raum 101, Beginn 19 Uhr