Sophia Preussner Klasse Hesse

Sophia Preussner gewinnt mit »immer fünf vor zwölf«

Poster competition »Stress«

Two out of three citizens in Germany's federal state of Hessen find their life stressful. One in four feel they are under constant pressure. And levels are rising: every second person feels that their life has become more stressful in the past three years, according to a study by the health insurance Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) in Hessen. The phenomenon “stress” also was the topic of a poster competition for students at the Hochschule für Gestaltung (HfG) in Offenbach in the summer term 2013, conducted in cooperation with TK in Hessen. Intuitively students identified the factors which are the most predominant triggers for stress according to the study by TK, and turned them into posters. The winners are:  

1. Price Sophia Preußner 

2. Price Martin Dörr 

3. Price Xi Luo und 
Fabian Sollinger 

klasse hesse china excursion 2013

Moving history at the Shanghai Museum

klasse hesse china excursion 2013

Market street at night in Hangzhou

klasse hesse china excursion 2013

Tian'anmen square in Beijing

China excursion of
Hochschule für Gestaltung



20th until 25th November 2013 

Cooperation partner SIVA, Prof. Gu Chuanxi 

Exhibition »Show me your love« together with students of Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts (SIVA) at the »Shanghai Library«. As well meetings with the young design community in Shanghai, Cooperationspartner Xu Jian 



25th until 30th November 2013 

Cooperation partner China Academy of Arts (CAA), Chen Zhengda, Curator of the China International Poster Biennial 

Opening of the 6th China International Poster Biennial 

Opening of the 7th National Students Graphic Design Competition 

Opening of the 7th National Visual Communication Design Education Forum of China 

Exhibiton of »Klasse Hesse« at the exhibition hall of CAA 

Lectures of Kari Piippo (FIN), Yoshimaru Takahashi (J) Wang Ming (CHN), Richard van der Laken (NL), Erich Brechbuehl (CH), Fons Hickmann (D), Klaus Hesse (D) 

Student's Presentations of »Show me your love« 



30th November until 4th Dezember 2013 

Cooperation partner Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), Prof. Fei Jun (Media Lab), Prof. Song Xiewei (Visual Communication) 

Common lecture day and exchange with students and Professores of CAFA and HfG 

Presentation of B3 Biennale of Moving Image 

Visit to the design studio of Prof. Lü Jingren and Lü Ming 


Participant of the excursion: 

Jennifer Gelardo, Simon Keckeisen, Lea Keppler, Felix Kosok, Tetyana Kovalchuk, Nicole Landwehrs, Polly Livshit, Marcus Lüttgau, Karolina Novoselskaja, Sophia Preußner, Fabian Sollinger, Tobias Teickner, Xuan Zheng. Cordial thanks goes to Jian Xu and Xuan Zheng. They have substantial supported and organized this visiting program. 

Expanded Narration

The central theme is »Expanded Narration. Das neue Erzählen«.The aim of the Biennial is to establish a broad alliance for the moving image. To this end the B3 is already working with twelve partners from museums, galleries and exhibition spaces in the region, with the Hessen Film and Media Academy (hFMA), which consists of a network of 13 Hessian universities with teaching programmes focussing on film and media, with the Cluster of Excellence »The Formation of Normative Orders« at the Goethe University Frankfurt am Main as well as with players from the cultural and creative industries. The Biennial is interdisciplinary and the genres cross borders. It offers an international platform for discourse and for the networking of film and television producers, artists, designers, researchers, technology providers, industry participants and new talent. Event design by Nikolas Brückmann, Klaus Hesse und Yuriy Matveev. The 800 pages B3-Reader design by Karin Rekowski. 

B3-Opening Klasse Hesse

Opening at the Frankfurter Kunstverein: 30th of October until 3rd of November, B3 Biennale of moving Images 2013, 3Frankfurt/M

Offenbach goes to the World Design Capital

HfG Offenbach participates at the event in Cape Town with its own program. Prof. Klaus Hesse negotiated for HfG to become a participant at the World Design Capital in Cape Town 2014. Together with its partner university Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT), HfG Offenbach will deliver content and exhibitions. The creation of a temporary exhibition hall for HfG in Cape Town is now underway. The title of the expected first exhibition will be »Story of Somebody's Life«. Professor Johannes Cronje (Dean of the Department Informatics & Design, CPUT), Senior Lecturer Muthoni Kimani and Professor Klaus Hesse are discussing further options and chances for a continuing cooperation. Visiting Professor Klaus Hesse took part in an excursion by students and educators to one of the townships in Cape Town in late September. He also conducted a workshop for conceptual design at CPUT, dealing with task development and the organisation of design processes. Present were also HfG's exchange students Cosima Peth, Eda Temucin and Robin Klussmann. 

CPUT Prof. Klaus Hesse

Senior Lecturer Muthoni Kimani (on the far left) with students from HfG Offenbach and CPUT in the Township Mzoli: (from the left to right) Laura, Chloe Igo, Robin Klussmann, Naomi Ncube, Natasha Chikosha, Clara Mupopiwa, Blessed Mhungu, Munyaradzi Tsodzo, Robert Marufu and Cosima Peth

Offenbach goes to Asia-Pacific

Within the framework of the Hessen Queensland Exchange Programme, HfG Offenbach co-operates with Brisbane's universities in Australia. HfG's dean Prof. Klaus Hesse taught as Visiting Professor at Griffith University / Queensland College of Art (QCA) and at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in August and September 2013. His classes for Corporate Design and Visual Design became part of the regular curriculum. Students from Griffith / QCA now officially take part in the Corporate Design competition »Sprudelhof« (Bad Nauheim), an initiative of the German federal state of Hessen. HfG's students will work on the same topic in the winter semester. This is certainly a novelty in the history of the Hessen Queensland Exchange Programme. The competition will close mid-February. The future of a possible exchange programme for students is being discusses with the following Australian colleagues: Dr. Peter Hall, Head of Visual Communication Department Griffith / QCA, David Sargent, Creative Director Liveworm Studio / Griffith / QCA, Prof. Paul Sanders, Head of Design / QUT, Dr. Manuela Taboada, Study Area Coordinator Interactive & Visual Design / QUT. HfG is delighted to welcome the first educators and students from Australia in Offenbach in the summer term 2014. 


Griffith University / QCA Prof. Klaus Hesse

Entlisted students of the Queensland College of Art for the German-Australian corporate design competition »Sprudelhof«.From left to right: Katherine Janczius, Nixson Sysanga, Adrian Doidge, Anni Dorante, Sylvia Benn, Jenna Lee

Red Dots für Sushi 14 und B3 Corporate Design

The latest, 14th edition of “Sushi” has been designed, created and produced by Nikolas Brückmann, Yuriy Matveev and Sophia Preussner. Their exceptional work has been honoured by the international jury of Red Dot with one of the highest awards: “best of best”. Initiated and lead by Professor Klaus Hesse, changing groups of students at the HfG create and produce »sushi – the annual magazine for young creativity« since 1999. Publisher: Art Directors Club Germany, Verlag: avedition, ISBN: 978-3-89986-175-4,  


The corporate design for »B3 – Biennial for the moving image« created by Yuriy Matveev, Nikolas Brückmann and Klaus Hesse was also awarded. B3's image has previously won several awards: 100 Best Posters 2012, two silver nails from ADC and Silber at the European Design Award. The Red Dot Design Award is one of the most important international design awards. Since 1954 the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen awards exceptional work. The winners will be honoured at a prize giving ceremony on October 18th in the Konzerthaus Berlin. Then the exhibition of the winning work »Design on Stage – Winners Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2013« will also be launched. On October 19th and 20th it will present the award-winning works.  

sushi 14 ©2012 Prof. Klaus Hesse

Designed by Niko Brückmann, Yuriy Matveev und Sophia Preussner ©2012

Exhibition »Identity lab«

Class Hesse exhibits! The Identity Lab is not only bursting with the latest results from the recent corporate design competitions but also with the outcome of projects to create images for the Freilichtmuseum Hessenpark, the Deutschen Mobilitätskongress and the B3 Biennale. There’s more too: the the works of the PhD students at HfG Offenbach are on show. And then you will find folding posters depicting the issue of gossip, the works from the first project week at HfG, an overview of the digital revolution, plenty of angry young men from the “Mut zur Wut” or “Courage for rage” poster initiative and the current work of degree and pre-degree students. Welcome to the lab of identities!  

July 5th, 7 to 11 pm  

July 6th, 2 to 10 pm  

July 7th, 2 to 8 pm  

HfG Offenbach, west wing, D301, Prof. Klaus Hesse  

curator and organiser: Berenike Eimler  

Designed by Berenike Eimler ©2013 Klasse Hesse

Designed by Berenike Eimler ©2013

“Mut zur Wut” or “Courage for Rage”

Xi Luo's is one of the 100 best posters of 2013. “Mut zur Wut”, is an international contest with a rapidly increasing number of participants from different corners of the planet, and has its most significant posters displayed in public spaces around the world. Corresponding to the title „Mut zur Wut“ which literally translates “Courage for Rage”, the core theme mandates a social, political, and personally-relevant context, all of which should be illustrated in a striking poster. Mut zur Wut“ aims to raise awareness for global and social issues and circumstances whilst loosening geographical and ideological boundaries. Having the final exhibition displayed in public space, “Mut zur Wut” is an encouragement to be brave and at the same time it’s a provactive demand for attention. The most striking posters are being displayed in public spaces in the heart of everyday life. The travelling exhibition has already been seen in Heidelberg, Mannheim, Berlin, Munich, Giessen, Oaxaca (Mexico) und Kuethaya (Turkey).  

Designed by Xi Luo ©2013 Klasse Hesse

Designed by Xi Luo ©2013

»Think mobile«

Speech by Erika Hillemacher, Sydney/Australia  

Juni 24th, 2013 6pm room D301 (West wing)  


What does mobility imply for the process of design? What is different from other media and why is it not only web design in a microcosm? Erika Hillemacher, born in Brussels, achieved her degree in Graphic Design in London. After 11 years in Germany working on CI and branding projects she left in 2001 for Australia. There she focuses on design for network and mobile media.  

Erika Hillemacher

Erika Hillemacher, Designer for networked und mobile media

KW24 HfG project week

June 10th to 14th, 2013  

8 colloquiums  

14 workshops  

5 speeches 

5 closing times 

2 workshops class Hesse  


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *  

World of origins: on culture and semiotics  

Muthoni Kimani, Cape Town/South Africa  

Semiotic lecture and workshop  

Finally printing together with Wolfgang Rademacher  

12th to 14th of June 2013  

2 to 6pm  

West wing D401 + D301  


Muthoni Kimani is Senior Lecturer at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) in the department of Applied Design. She teaches Graphic Design, and also supervises in Fashion and surface design. She studied Fine Art in Kenya and majored in Graphic Design, Textiles Weaving and Painting. Her final year project combined these three areas in a branding project, “Cultural Branding”, which she went on to develop in her Masters thesis as the Semiotics and Semantics of culture as a brand. She later studied at the Michealis School of Fine art of the University of Cape Town, South Africa for her MFA (Design) in the Graphic Design department. She has designed for Robben Island Museum, District six museum, Lucy Lloyd Clan William Centre for Saartje Baartman and Khoi centre in branding, web-design, publication design and illustration, as well as designing for woven fabrics.  



* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *  

Responsive Design  

Frank Hellenkamp, Berlin  

June 10th to 12th  

2 to 6 pm  

West wing D401 + D301  


Frank Hellenkamp had already begun designing computer interfaces when MS-DOS was new. He started his career as a designer before studying with Hesse Design in Düsseldorf, studied communications design and film at Bergische Universität Wuppertal. Since 2002 he has lived and worked in Berlin as designer of user interfaces (UI) and as a software programmer. As a developer he focuses on the interface between man and machine. He launched the Content Management System »depage::cms« in 2003. As a free-lancer he engages in various projects such as  


- Responsive Layouts (@media-queries etc.)  

- Touch based interaction  

- CSS Helpers (SASS, LESS)  

- Visualisations (raphael.js,, processingjs)  

- Web Typographics (Webfonts, Iconsfonts etc.)  

- CSS3 (transforms etc.)  

- Interactive Maps  


KW24 Klasse Hesse

Design by Berenike Eimler and Marina Kampka @2013

Kristina Knoblich wins third place at the poster competition by the Deutsches Studentenwerk

The Deutsches Studentenwerk (German National Association for Student Affairs) has organised an annual design competition since 1987. It asks students of graphic design, visual communications and communication design to engage with issues of higher education and to communicate their message poignantly in form of a poster to the public in- and outside universities. The ministry for education and research sponsors the poster competition, the Museum für Kommunikation in Berlin is a cooperating partner.  


The jury for the this year's issue »What do you eat?« is 

Prof. Daniela Haufe, Cyan Berlin  


Jan Lorenz, award winner of the poster competition and alumni of Hochschule RheinMain Wiesbaden  


Heinz Ludwig Mohrmann, deputy head of the committee for culture at Deutsches Studentenwerk and managing director of the Studentenwerk Bremen  


Prof. Stephan Müller, leading the master class for typology, Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig. Development of digital typo under the label of Lineto  


Beat Nägeli, Creative Consultant, lecturer for communication design at various universities, 1991-2011 breeder of Highland Cattle and organic farming  


Kristina Knoblich Klasse Hesse Deutsches Studentenwerk Plakatwettbewerb

Designed by Kristina Knoblich ©2013

Silver medal for B3's communications concept

There was a big success at the ADC festival, the most important meeting of the creative scene in the German speaking countries for the team that designed the campaign for B3 Biennale of the moving image. It was awarded two silver medals from the Art Directors Club in Hamburg. The coveted silver nails were awarded for the poster design as well as for the entire communications concept. Leading creators from all fields of the profession judged all 4725 submitted works and honoured 20 with a golden and 75 with a silver nail. Das B3 design team with the departments concept, animation, set design and social media is lead by Klaus Hesse, Professor for conceptual design at the Hochschule für Gestaltung.  


The winners from HfG 

concept, design and supervision:  

Nikolas Brückmann, Klaus Hesse, Yuriy Matveev  

Animations: Merlin Flügel, Dominik Keggenhoff  

Set design: Marc Ulm  

Social Media: Loimi Brautmann, Nicolas Kremershof  

B3-Team Nikolas Brückmann, Klaus Hesse, Yuriy Matveev

Yuriy Matveev, Nikolas Brückmann and Klaus Hesse created the communication design of B3 Biennale ©2013


Deutscher Mobilitätskongress 2013

Berenike Eimler wins corporate design competition. The first Deutscher Mobilitskongress (German Convention for Mobility) in Frankfurt Main 2013, is a platform for experts and researchers in the fields of on traffic and mobility. The swinging arches of the new visual brand play with the idea that mobility is nothing less than hopping on a global or regional scale. They also symbolise the impact of transportation. The corporate design concept establishes a dynamic brand, using ubiquitous means of traffic: the bright yellow of traffic signals and the DIN typo. The aim was to create a multi-medial visual and auditive escort for the participants of the convention, depicting the increasing amount of traffic and the complexities of mobility - for example participants will wear the amount of kilometres they had to travel to visit the convention on their individual name badge. Awareness can lead to new innovative solutions.  


Die winners:  

1st place Berenike Eimler, 4.000 Euro  

2nd place Yuwei Hu, 1.500 Euro  

3rd place Fabia Pospischil 500 Euro, Nadja Broßler, Magdalena Fournillier, Sun Kyong Hu, 500 Euro  


The jury:  

Iris Götsch, Deutsche Verkehrswissenschaftliche Gesellschaft e.V.  

Jürgen Schultheis, House of Logistics and Mobility  

Prof. Klaus Hesse, Dean HfG Offenbach, Prof. Dr. Kai Vöckler, HfG Offenbach 

Berenike Eimler Klasse Hesse

Designed by Berenike Eimler ©2013

Scholarship from the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes 
for Lara Hies

»24 new awardees for the traditional sponsorship of artists have been chosen by the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes (German National Academic Foundation). 77 applicants presented their works, 10 women and 14 men convinced the high-ranking jury. The Foundation is the only charitable organisation in Germany to support all artistic fields with their own programmes, said Dr. Annette Julius, secretary of the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes. »We are proud to look back on a long history of sponsoring artists since the 1950s.” The selection process by the Studienstiftung is twofold: after a pre-selection in the autumn of 2012 the German art academies suggested their candidates to the foundation. In the second round 77 young artists presented their work in the finals. The jury consists of independent German artists, representing the various fields. The awardees will get a stipend from September 2013 – depending on the income of their parents between 300 and 997 Euro and access to the entire educational programme of the Studienstiftung.  


Especially for the winners of the foundation's scholarships for artists the Studienstiftung offers a convention in Montepulciano and an excursion to the Venice Biennale. The sponsorship of the Studienstiftung remains valid until the exam and can be prolonged by a year for master pupils. Currently about 90 awardees enjoy sponsoring by the foundation's programme “Visual Arts”.  

Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes  

Lara Hies Klasse Hesse

Scholarship for Lara Hies

Julia Pol winns poster competition »Familienbande« or »Familial Bonds«

About 2 million children and teenagers live with a chronically ill brother or sister. Forced by the circumstances, in those families the sick or disabled child gets to play the main role. Healthy siblings on one hand often get less attention and on the other hand they have to live with the constant pressure to function because their sick brother or sister already stresses the family badly enough. For some siblings the pressure is too much. The posters are designed for medical practices and the offices of support groups and social services to alert people to the issue. The competition was held in the winter semester at the HfG Offenbach.  



1st place Julia Pol, 2.500 Euro  

2nd place Isabel Blumenthal, 1.500 Euro  

3rd place Tatjana Prenzel, 500 Euro  

3rd place Martin Dörr 500 Euro  



Irene von Drigalski, managing director of the foundation Familienbande  

Elke Hellstern, project office manager Foundation Familienbande  

Prof. Klaus Hesse, HfG Offenbach  

Ausstellung Hessenpark lebt

Designed by Julia Pol ©2013

Exhibition »Der Hessenpark lebt!« or »The Hessenpark is alive!«

Corporate Design for Hessenpark, concept by HfG Offenbach  

March 1st to Juni 16th 2013, Laubweg 5, Neu-Anspach/Taunus  

Opening: March 1st, 2pm  


In this exhibition, students from the HfG present their ideas for a new museum design. The blueprints were created in the summer semester 2012. Nicolas Ritter's work »Der Hessenpark lebt« (“The Hessenpark is alive!”) could convince the jury. His concept delivers the groundwork for the new design of the open air museum to be introduced in 2013. The competition was held under the directorship of Prof. Klaus Hesse.  


The open air museum Hessenpark, founded in 1974, aims at introducing the visitor to 400 years of cultural history in Hessen in the most lively way possible. To achieve this, the museum collects cultural artefacts and studies them in their historical context.  

Ausstellung Hessenpark lebt

Plakat von Berenike Eimler