Something in the Eyes, Exhibition by Prof. Klaus Hesse and Class

Participating students: Sara Nahid Abtahi (IR), Nella Addy (SA), Ani Asatiani (GE), Mathias Bär (D), Carina Böhler (D), Yannick Brenden (D), Rosalina Brenner (D), David Brose (D), Tarryn Jade Chimes (SA), Jihyun Choi (KR), Fan Ding (CN), Berenike Eimler (D), Liu Feng (CN), Marco Gabriel (D), Lucia Gerbsch (D), Min-Ho Gu (KR), Laura Hilbert (D), Katharina Holl (D), Jonas Horbach (D), Kun Ji (CN), Kijong Kim (KR), Kristina Knoblich (D), Nadine Kolodziey (D), Genta Kozaki (D), Felix Kosok (D), Saskia Krauss (D), Niklas Kriegs (D), Laura Kroschewski (D), Fabia Kuhlmann (D), Nicole Landwehrs (D), Polina Livshits (RUS), Xi Luo (CN), Elan Marx (SA), Svetlana Mijic (RS), Livia Lanzelloti Nishibe (BR), Timon Osche (D), Markus Paulix (D), Julia Pol (D), Arndt Poser (D), Sophia Preussner (D), Sandra Reinhart (D), Karin Rekowski (D), Nadine Schöner (D), Tu Shen (CN), Fabian Sollinger (D), Herman de Toit (SA), Rebecca Tulloch (D), Yuan Wang (CN), Xiang Yang (CN), Ping Zeng (CN) / Poster by Yuan Wang ©2015

»Something in the eye«

Students at the class of Prof. Klaus Hesse at the Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach from China, Korea, South Africa, Brazil and Europe have tackled pressing contemporary political and social issues in response to Wilhelm Zimmermann's exhibition at the Institut für Stadtgeschichte Frankfurt am Main. Pro and Contra. An in-between does not exist for students at the HfG. On show are posters that take a stand against concerns such as political pressure, maritime pollution, fine dust alerts in cities, surveillance of the internet, genetically engineered food and violence against refugees or dissidents. Also on show are posters for a free press, for labour laws, for the rights of refugees and the right of everyone to an education. The show presents many attacks on our way of perceiving and thinking. Many of the works on view won international awards.  


January 12th to February 7th, 2016 

Refektorium of the Karmeliterkloster 

Institut für Stadtgeschichte, Münzgasse 9, 60311 Frankfurt/M 

Opening January 11th, 2016, 6pm 

Presentations by: 

Dr. Michael Fleiter (Institut für Stadtgeschichte) 

Prof. Bernd Kracke (Präsident der HfG) 

Prof. em. Uwe Loesch (Bergische Universität Wuppertal) 

Exhibition »Gesicht Waren« Klingspor Museum, Prof. Klaus Hesse

30th of October, 2015
»Keeping Face«

The opening event »Keeping Face – Chinese packaging design today« (» Gesicht Waren – Chinesisches Packungsdesign heute«) in the Klingspor Museum Offenbach was received favourably by an interested public. Guests and speakers included the mayor of the City of Offenbach Horst Schneider, Prof. Gu Chuanxi/Shanghai Institute of Visual Art, Dr. Stephan Soltek/Director of the Klingspor Museums, Prof. Klaus Hesse/Dean of the Institute for Art at HfG Offenbach, Prof. Gerhard Mathias/Kunsthochschule Kassel, Konsul Zang Ming/Chinesische Consulate Frankfurt, Dr. Holger Niedenthal/presidents of Freunde der HfG.  


On view are the works of both students and of Gu Chuanxi. The exhibition is on show until November 22nd, 2015. Klingspor Museum, Herrnstrasse 80 in 63065 Offenbach, opening hours: Tue, Thu, Fr 10am to 5pm / Wed 2pm to 7pm / Sat, Sun 11am to 4pm.  

Platinum Originality Award Prof. Klaus Hesse

The 16th Platinum Originality International University Students Graphic Design Competition

Great success at the Platinum Awards for the HfG Offenbach. Following students has won an award of the world biggest design competition for graphic design students: 


_ Zhang Guodong for »Go to the moon«, Poster 

_ Tu Shen for »Pitch it!«, Poster 

_ Zeng Ping for »Indonesia at Frankfurt Book Fair«, Poster 

_ Yuan Wang for »The Good, the Bad, the Ugly«, Poster 

_ Nikolas Brückmann, Yuriy Matveev »B3 Biennale 2013«, Poster 

_ Nikolas Brückmann, Yuriy Matveev for »On Stage«, Exhibition 

_ Sophie Preussner »Luminale«, Poster and Visual identity 

_ Nick Ritter, Robin Klussmann »Hessenpark lebt!« Visual identity 

Klasse! Annual Exhibiton Prof. Klaus Hesse

Design by Uwe Loesch ©2015

Exhibition »Keeping Face«
Chinese packaging design in Klingsor Museum

In cooperation with the Institute for Art the Hochschule für Gestaltung the Klingspor Museum presents an exhibition of current trends in contemporary Chinese packaging design. Chinese books as well as packaging have always been more sophisticated and sensual than Western designs in this field.  


On show are works by students of the »Shanghai Institute of Visual Art« (SIVA) and by Gu Chuanxi, Professor for packaging design and path finder for contemporary Chinese design. 


»The Shanghai Style« proved to be trend-setting as early as the 1920s, in terms of both Chinese fashion as well as graphic and product design. »Shanghai is different« is still true today. With the foundation of the »Shanghai Institute of Visual Art« ten years ago the metropolis continues to lead in this direction. For many years now SIVA has been one of the international partner universities of HfG Offenbach.  


Klaus Hesse, dean at the Institute for Art at HfG initiated the exhibition, in close cooperation with Dr. Stefan Soltek, director of Klingspor Museum. Project management: Xuan Zheng/HfG Offenbach, Yi Jiang/SIVA, Jason Hu/SIVA 


Exhibition: October 30th to November 22nd, 2015 

Opening: October 30th, 2015, 7pm 

Klingspor Museum, Herrnstrasse 80 in 63065 Offenbach 

Opening hours: Tue, Thu, Fr 10 am to 5 pm / Wed 2pm to 7pm / Sat, Sun 11am to 4pm. 

Poster Workshop Jingdezhen Prof. Klaus Hesse

Klasse Hesse in Shanghai. Vom 20. September bis 20. November 2015 in Shanghai

HfG presents in Shanghai

Part of the festivities surrounding the 10th anniversary of the foundation of »Shanghai Institute of Visual Art« (SIVA) is an exhibition of works by students of major partner universities of SIVA. The Intitute of Art at HfG Offenbach is therefore presenting a generous number of works in the exhibition halls of the Institute's library. Klaus Hesse, Professor for Conceptual Design and Dean of the Institute for Art led the students in their initiative. Curator is Prof. Gu Chuanxi (SIVA). 


Exhibiting students: Catrin Altenbrandt, Nikolas Brückmann, Kim Angie Cicuttin, Irini Divaris, Robin Klussmann, Nicole Landwehrs, Yuriy Matveev, Adrian Niessler, Karin Rekowski, Nick Ritter, Katrin Schacke, Tu Shen, Yuan Wang. 

Exhibiting universities and academies: Tokyo University of the Arts, Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach, Royal Melbourne Institute, Seoul Institute of the Arts, Nottingham Trent University, University of Dundee, Emerson College Boston 

Exhibition: September 20th to November 20th,2015 

Poster Workshop Jingdezhen Prof. Klaus Hesse

Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute

Political poster art workshop

Poster workshop about political poster art with students of Prof. Yang Chao at the Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute.  

The members of the workshop had work out posters for the currently refugee topic in Europe. 


»Flight from desperation 

170,000 people fled their homes across the Mediterranean sea last year alone. They all try to escape from war, displacement, poverty and suppression. Many have paid for this attempt to find a better place with their lives. 

»Be welcome?« 

No mercy for people in distress. The violence displayed against refugees and their camps has risen dramatically this year. 

Story telling workshop CKAD Shantou University Prof. Klaus Hesse

Cheung Kong School of Art and Design at the Shantou University

Mad as a Hatter
The Naming of Animals is a Difficult Matter

Great Workshop, great students and great support of Prof. Yang Hua and Teacher Ti Ti. Story telling and conceputal design workshop at the Shantou University/CKAD. The students have written storyboards and started to animate the children's rhymes »The naming of Animals is a Difficult Matter« of the Australian/German author Barbara Bierach 

Fashion brand workshop Chongqing Prof. Klaus Hesse

Chongqing Jiao Tong University

Redesign the world in Chongqing

Intensive workshop and research about fashion brand design with the teachers and students of Prof. Zeng Qiang together with Christine Hesse at the Chongqing Jiao Tong UniversityBesides we visited the Academy of Ethnic Cultures of Guizhou Province in Guiyang. The dean has opened his collected treasur of the unique and outstanding Miao and Dong Culture. 

Klasse! Annual Exhibiton Prof. Klaus Hesse

Displaying works by: Sara Abtahi, Nadja Brossler, Niko Brückmann, Li Chen, Xinyue Deng, Ines Feyrer, Magdalena Fournillier, Justus Gelberg, Katharina Holl, Jonas Horbach, Lara Hies, Kun Ji, Felix Kosok, Laura Kroschewski, Laura Lauschke, Nayeon Lee, Polina Livshits, Fabia Matveev, Yuriy Matveev, Severine Meier, Blessed Mhungu, Timon Osche, Sophia Preussner, Karin Rekowski, Nick Ritter, Tu Shen, Miriam Steinmacher, Yuan Wang, Inga Weber, Astrid Wolter, Luo Xi, Yang Xiang, Ping Zeng, Guodong Zhang. (Poster Design by Yuan Wang ©2015)


(two interpretation in German: class and brilliant) 

Conceptual Design / Annual Exhibtion HfG Offenbach 2015 


Presented will be the last issuee of »sushi« as well the results of the class on »Scandals / Information Design«, the short movie »The Cloud«, the animation »The Consumer«, »I love you all« – the magazine project about the downfall of the advertising, a new identity for »Luminale«, »Clumpy – More than one million stories« and the art of the political poster. The exhibition has been curated, organised and designed by Yuan Wang and Klaus Hesse. Thank you very much also for Guodong Zhang and all other students which support the exhibition. 


July 10th to 12th, 2015, opening hours: Friday, July 10th: 6pm to 10pm / Saturday, July 11th: 2pm to 10pm / Sunday, July 12th, 2pm to 10pm / Schlossplatz Isenburger Schloss, new building, 3rd floor 

sushi 15 klaus hesse

»sushi15« talked with Christoph Niemann about a blank piece of paper. He is working for »The New York Times« and »New Yorker«. He is one of the most sought-after illustrator of the world and has drawn the cover for »sushi1« 15 years ago. The German-Chinese graphic designer Jianping He told how is feeling between two worlds. The trend researcher Holm Friebe thinks that grass doesn't grow any faster when you pull on it. Besides »sushi« is reporting about the inspiring design conference »What design can do« in Amsterdam and a lot of highly topical stuff more.

sushi 15 – Magazine for young creativity
Just available at bookshops

For 15 years sushi has presented the best works from art and design students from universities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, chosen by juries from the Art Directors Club für Deutschland (ADC). For 15 years students at the Hochschule für Gestaltung (HfG) in Offenbach have created and designed the » Magazine for young creativity«. With this latest issue sushi’s editors now draw conclusions: What has become of the 40 designers who keep creating sushi with such passion? What happened to the winners of ADC awards? Which detours did they take, which paths have they chosen? sushi shows how they learned, suffered and partied, focussing of course on what they created. 


Editor: Institut für neue Kommunikation (INK), Hochschule für Gestaltung (HfG) Offenbach, Initiator and editor-in-chief: Klaus Hesse, Supporter: Art Directors Club (ADC) für Deutschland, Publisher: avedition Ludwigsburg, Editorial staff and Design: Felix Kosok, Karin Rekowski, Yuan Wang  


sushi 15 - Magazine for young creativity, 300 pages, german/english, just available at bookshops: € 19,00 (D) / USD 29.00, ISBN: 978-3-89986-216-4 

Chinese Occultism and Visual Hacking Prof. Chen Lei, Prof. Fan Xiang, Prof. Klaus Hesse

Design by Tu Shen @2015

Chinese Occultism and Visual Hacking
24th of April, 2015, Room D 301, Westwing, 2pm


Prof. Chen Lei 

A Glance at Chinese Occultism through Visual Design 

Occultism - commonly regarded as one of ancient cultures which are irrelevant to Chinese modern life. Prof. Chen encourages his group to explore the invisible existence of occultism through visual design, offering audiences an appealing angle for understanding and experiencing Chinese Occultism with their works. In this presentation, Prof. Chen will introduce their progresses from three perspectives: theme, motivation and visual representation. Prof. Chen believes that Chinese Occultism is an immense treasury of traditional culture and values Occultism as a fundamental approach for discovering the relationships between people, nature and universe. 


Prof. Fan Xiang 

Visual Hacking Into State Broadcasting 

In the last 33 years, the CCTV new year gala is an absolute predominant TV programme in the national audience ratings of China. Fan chooses this program as her experiment of visualization, revealing it's colour composition on chromatography on various timeline as an observation into state broadcasting and clarifying how red the China mass media is. Fan will discuss how the forms of timeline shape our perspective with millions discrete frames of CCTV Gala, left the audience inspired to think about the visual recipes that we are watching. Furthermore, she will display her visualized pieces of thirty three years’s gala program as a critical look at the evolution of national TV language on the move.  

Fifa World Cup China 2030 Prof. Klaus Hesse

Design and soccer workshop in Guilin/China at GXNU School of Design, April 2015

It’s time for CHINA 2030!

Design workshop for the FIFA WORLD CUP CHINA 2030 at the GXNU School of Design. Thank you very much for Prof. Huang Jun, Liao Hui and Yunyun Liang for the great support. Opening of the Exhibition at 10th of April, 2015. Participating students: Chen Jielin, Chen Yiqian, Jian Yanjiao, Kuang Xuan Feng, Lang Ting, Li Jing, Liu Zhen, Su Jin Hui, Wu Lulu, Xiao Xiaoyu, Xin Feng Yu, Zhang Mengting, Zhang Qiong Yuan, Zhou Tingting, Zhu Jueting  

Type Directors Club of New York Award for Xi Luo Prof. Klaus Hesse

The Poster »LUWU« designed for lectures of the chinese book designer Lu Jingren and Wu Yong at Class Hesse / HfG Offenbach

Xi Luo wins TDC Award

The Poster »LUWU« designed by Xi Lu has been selected for a “Certificate of Typographic Excellence” of the TDC Communication Design Competition. It will be included in the Annual of the Type Directors Club, Typography 36, and will also be shown at the 61st Awards Exhibition (TDC61) in New York City. This year 272 winners were selected from over 1600 entries from 49 countries. Besides being exhibited in New York City, the winners will also be included in 7 exhibitions that will tour cities in the United States, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Japan, Poland, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. 

Workshop South China University of Technology Guangzhou Prof. Klaus Hesse

Workshop and Exhibition of »Redesign the world« at SCUT South China University of Technology Guangzhou/China in January 2015

Redesign the world in Guangzhou

The project is supported by Prof. Delai Men of the School of Design/SCUT. It was the third workshop for the magazine project »Outlandish«. Each edition features generally unfamiliar regions and cultures. This magazine collects, documents and analyses the visual key codes of identity in remote worlds and unknown lifestyles. Following students of different mayors like Landscape Design, Fashion Design, Product Design and Electronic Media participated and exhibit: Tian Jiahui, Chen Zhao, Zeng Shuting, Gong Yingying, Hu Xuebing, Kong Yinying, Lin Lin, Liu Qianyu, Shen Jing and Wang Dong. Klaus Hesse had supported and interpreted by Zeng Shuting.