The New Blue by Hesse Class

17th exhibition of Hesse Class

30th of June to 2nd of July at HfG Offenbach with »Kant on the beach« and »Limited« among others. 


Participants: Beatrice Bianchini, Nikolas Brückmann, Chunhua Chen, Xinyue Deng, Marie Doehn, Xiaodan Du, Katharina Ermisch, Anna Evers, Laura Jil Fugger, Fabian Goth, Barbara Gräwe, Wenyuan Gu, Liyan Han, Jonas Horbach, Rongxing He, Carla Imkeller, Victor König, Felix Kosok, Nicole Landwehrs, Moritz Lapke, Laura Lauschke, Shahd el Lawindy, Polly Livshits, Anastasia Loladze, Mary Manolo, Fabia Matveev, Yuriy Matveev, Anna Maxeiner, Timon Osche, Öyku Özver, Charlotte Rahn, Claudio Roig, Aurelija Slapšytė, Sarah Stendel, Xing Tingwei, Veerle Vervliet, Isabelle Walther, Felix Werner, Astrid Wolter, Yang Xiang 

The New Blue by Hesse Class

Teilnehmende der HfG: Xinyue Denk, Katharina Ermisch, Anna Evers, Fabian Goth, Barbara Gräwe, Wenyuan Gu, Klaus Hesse, Victor Koenig, Felix Kosok, Öykü Özver, Timon Osche, Aurelija Slapsyte, Veerle Vervliet, Felix Werner und Tingwei Xing

»Kant on the Beach«

“There are two worlds: the world as we see it and the world of the things per se.” Together, students at the HfG Offenbach and at Vilnius Academy of Art deal with the philosophical contemplations of Kant (1724-1804). The focus of this class is to tie in both visually and verbally with his ideas and to find contemporary references to his cognitive science in the form of posters. From May 29th to June 5th 2017 students met in Vilnius for a week-long workshop and at the academy's studios in Nida. Vilnius Academy's guest houses in the Kurische Nehrung are close to the Russian border. Königsberg (Kalinigrad) the centre of Immanuel Kant's life, is only 80 kilometres away. The results of the workshop were presented publicly on the beach of the Baltic Sea and in the forests of the Kurische Nehrung. The class was looked after by Prof. Audrius Klimas, Felix Kosok and Prof. Klaus Hesse. 

The New Blue by Hesse Class

Teilnehmender der HfG: Felicithas Arndt, Klaus Hesse, Katharina Holl, Victor Koenig, Polly Livshits, Anastasija Loladze, Valentin Oellers, Timon Osche and Felix Werner.

Exhibition »The New Blue« in Jingdezhen/China

With 1 million inhabitants Jingdezhen is considered a small town by Chinese standards. Nonetheless, it continues to be the Mecca of porcelain art with a global reach and charisma. For 2,000 years now high-quality tableware and objects have been designed, painted and fired here. In March 2017 eight students from HfG supervised by Zack Chen and Prof. Klaus Hesse spent nine days there on a study tour. HfG students produced over 200 porcelain objects in the blue color typical for traditional Chinese porcelain art in the studio of Zack Chen (a teacher at Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute). However, the objects differ greatly from the Asian patterns and illustrations familiar to us. The HfG students used the blank plates, dishes, vases and mugs like paper or a sketchbook. They drew stories with ironic detachment or created what were sometimes touching illustrations to suit the form of the objects. Under the title “The New Blue – Porcelain instead of Paper” the objects were presented at the end of this intensive working week in the exhibition gallery of the renowned Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute, where they were very well received. 

INK Institute for New Communication Prof. Klaus Hesse

»Institute for New Communication« at the HfG Offenbach is online

The »Institute for New Communication (INK)« is an interdisciplinary think tank and visionary design-lab at the Offenbach University of Art and Design. The focus is to provide assistance to organisations in solving communication challenges. Together with a network of scientists from a variety of disciplines, exceptional craftsmen, daring artists and entrepreneurs we redefine communication approaches and enable transformative design interventions. References: Deutsche Bahn AG / Frankfurt Book Fair / Goethe Universität Frankfurt / Hessen Film and Media Academy / Hessen State Ministry for Higher Education, Research and the Arts / Lufthansa Cargo / Procter & Gamble Germany / Schirn Art Exhibition Hall Frankfurt / Senckenberg Naturmuseum Frankfurt / Siemens AG / Visa Card Europe / ZDF 

Awards 2017 Prof. Klaus Hesse

Nice beginning in 2017. Some international awards for students of HfG

The »On Stage Book« designed by Nikolas Brückmann and Yuriy Matveev has won a Red Dot. »sushi15« designed by Felix Kosok, Katrin Rekowski and Yuan Wang has won a IF Award. Besides has won the final diploma work of Felix Kosok an award of the Art Directors Club of Germany. Sophia Hirth has won a Gold Award for »Luminale corporate Design« at the 17th Platinum Award. Ping Zeng has won an award at the 17th Platinum for the poster design »Greater than the sea«. Congratulation!