Prof. Naomi Kasumi, Seattle University/USA, Prof. Klaus Hesse

Prof. Naomi Kasumi, Seattle University/USA

Workshop with Naomi Kasumi

»Socially Engaged Art Practice – Making Crisis Visible«. Lecture and Workshop from 19th to 23rd of November 2018.

Naomi Kasumi is an Installation Artist, Associate Professor of Digital Design, Department of Art & Art History / Seattle University, affiliated Professor of Asian Studies Program, Director of Siena Program / Italy.

Naomi is a Seattle-based artist-scholar, professor, and graphic designer. She was born and raised in Kyoto, Japan where she earned a BA in Social Welfare from Bukkyo University. After graduating, Naomi became a professional cross-country ski racer. Naomi emigrated from Japan in 1995 to study at the University of Oregon, where she received a BFA and a MFA in Visual Design. After moving to Seattle in 2003, she established the Digital Design Program in the Department of Fine Arts at Seattle University. Naomi’s research and creative work have been focused on a series of memorial rituals, and Tohoku Tsunami disaster relief projects, in a large-scale installation art form. She also works on variety of media such as: book art, video, printmaking, and graphic design. Naomi has held numerous international solo and group exhibitions at galleries, as well as public and educational institutions. She has exhibited in: Vancouver, Canada; Brisbane, Australia; New Delhi, India; Budapest, Hungary, Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagano, Fukushima, Rochester, Philadelphia, Gainesville, Denver, Chicago, Anchorage, Portland, Seattle and Eugene. In 2015, she was invited as an artist-in-residence to create and install a large installation art work for the Great Memorial Ceremony, the 650th anniversary of Zen Master Gazan, the 2nd Patriarch in the lineage at the head temple of the Soto Zen: Soji-ji Temple in Yokohama. 

Making crisis visible Prof. Klaus Hesse, Felix Kosok

Planning, implementation and moderation: Felix Kosok und Prof. Klaus Hesse. Involved lecturers: Nikolas Brückmann, Yuriy Matveev, Marc Ulm und Ellen Wagner. In close cooperation with the Leibniz Institute "Hessische Stiftung Friedens- und Konflikforschung, Susanne Boetsch. Photos Robert Schittko ©2018

25th to 26th, 2018

The HfG Offenbach cooperates with the Leibniz Research Network "Crises of a Globalized World" to make complex research results more visible and comprehensible to the public. At the first joint two-day workshop with Leibniz researchers and students as well as teachers from the Department of Art, the research results were presented and intensively discussed.


Dr. Verena Brinks, IRS

_ Eine raumzeitliche Prozessperspektive auf Krisen

Honey Alas & Dr. Liina Tönisson TROPOS

_ Umweltkrisen – Luftverschmutzung in Manila

Anton Peez HSFK

_ Zwang, staatliche Kapazitäten und das Einhalten von

internationalem Recht im Elefantenschutz, 1995–2016

Dr. Martina Weinhart SCHIRN Kunsthalle Frankfurt

_ Der Betrachter als Aktivist - Ästhetik und Politik

Hande Abay HSFK

_ PANDORA: Ausdrucksformen religiöser Radikalisierung

Dr. Julian Junk HSFK

_ Gesellschaft Extrem: Radikalisierung

Dr. Mahret Kupka Museum Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt

_ Lara protects me – Die Kuratorin als Geschichtenerzählerin

Prof. Dr. Nicole Deitelhoff HSFK

_ Krisen internationaler Organisationen

Dr. Stefan Kroll HSFK

_ Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit als Instrument der Konfliktlösung

Dr. Irmgard Zündorf ZZF

_ 1979 - Ein Jahr in der Krise

Prof. Dr. Mosbrugger Senckenberg Naturmuseum Frankfurt

_ Migration

Making crisis visible Prof. Klaus Hesse, Felix Kosok

Design by Nikolas Brückmann/Yuriy Matveev ©2018

Making Crisis Visible

How can we make crises visible? How can me make them understandable? And how can their creative potential be experienced through design? Together with the researchers of the Leibniz Research Alliance "Crises of a Globalized World", we will face this challenge. We need to switch our thinking to crisis mode and start to design out of the disaster. Based on the research we will develop speculative “design-knowledge-objects” which make the crises of our world both tangible and demonstrate their transformative potential. In the winter semester 18/19 first ideas are to be worked out, which can then be realized in the summer semester of 2019. For the spring of 2020 a joint exhibition of the visually processed scientific research and the speculative design objects in the Senckenberg Museum is planned.

Course by Klaus Hesse, Felix Kosok / Exhibition design with Marc Ulm / Information and Interactive Design with Nikolas Brückmann and Yuriy Matveev 

15 October 2018 Introductory session 

Course days every Monday and Friday, 10am to 2pm

October 19, 2018 course start

25 and 26 October 2018 Kick-Off Workshop together with the researchers of the Leibniz Research Association

November 19 to 23, 2018 Workshop Socially Engaged Art Practice with Naomi Kasumi 

Kooperationspartner: Leibniz Research Alliance, Vilnius Academy of Art/Lithunia, Nanjing University of the Arts/China, Seattle University/USA

12th International Poster Triennial in Toyama/Japan Hesse Class Prof. Klaus Hesse

Photo Robert Schittko ©2018

Marx – and now? With Felix Kosok

Panel discussion 200 times Marx - and now? At the end of the great Marx Year 2018, students and alumni of the HfG Offenbach and the Nanjing Normal University showed socio-critical posters in the Ost-Stern Galerie, which were created in the confrontation with Karl Marx Leben and his theory. In a concluding panel discussion, scientists, designers and politicians discussed the role critical design can play in society, how explosive Marx theory still is today, and how new public spheres can be won over to the social issues of our time. If - according to Marx - philosophers have always only interpreted the world, can designers change it? Where luxury sledges were previously sold, the discussion takes place in the shadow of the European Central Bank, which also demonstrates in Frankfurt's Ostend how capital has influenced our lives and, in particular, how a city like Frankfurt has lastingly shaped and changed our lives.

12th International Poster Triennial in Toyama/Japan Hesse Class Prof. Klaus Hesse

Annual exhibition

Annual exhibition of Hesse Class at the HfG Offenbach: The New Blue, Marx 200, Homeless, 1968 and some more topics at the auditorium and westwing. Many international students and great lecturers are involved: Felix Kosok, Naomi Kasumi, Merja Herzog-Hellstén, Yao Liu and Zack Chen

12th International Poster Triennial in Toyama/Japan Hesse Class Prof. Klaus Hesse

Tingwei Xing ©2017

12th International Poster Triennial in Toyama/Japan

The international jury of the 12th International Poster Triennial in Toyama/Japan awarded four posters by HfG student Tingwei Xing. Among the posters awarded by him were contributions for the courses "Kant on the beach" and "Mut zur Wut". Tingwei Xing is an exchange student of the School of Fine Arts/NNU Nanjing. The NNU is a long-standing cooperation partner of the HfG Offenbach. Tingwei Xing was also involved in the exhibition of the "Marx 200" project in Trier. 

Frankfurter Allgemeine Offenbach Supplement Prof. Klaus Hesse

26 June 2018, Frankfurter Allgemeine, ten-page supplement about the city of Offenbach

Myth on the river Main

»Everyone has their opinion on Offenbach, but most are wrong about it: salvation for a tolerant, relaxed, progress-loving city that is a role model for Germany because she has learned to live with her problems - and which is worth a complete feuilleton edition to us.« 


On the initiative of Holger Windfuhr, Art Director of Frankfurter Allgemeine, students of HfG Offenbach illustrated a ten-page supplement about Offenbach. Well-known authors of the FAZ wrote about urban sociology, leather museum, Hochschule für Gestaltung, Klingspormuseum, Robert Johnson, Frank Witzel, delicacies of Offenbach and many topics more. 


The illustrations of the following students were published: 

Polly Livshits, Wenyuan Gu, Timon Osche, Claudio Roig, Chunhua Chen, Katharina Holl, Fabienne Grossen, Anna Evers, Victor König, Timon Osche and Jonas Horbach. The development was supervised by Klaus Hesse 

The New Blue, Lectures of Zack Chen by Prof. Klaus Hesse and Merja Herzog-Hellsten

Lectures of Zack Chen

The New Blue

Zack Chen is a ceramic designer and lecturer at the renowned Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute and founder of the Hutian Ceramic Community. Among other museums, he exhibited at the Shanghai Expo 2010. His works have also been included in the permanent collection of the National Museum of China in Yangzhou. Together with the ceramic artist Fu Dan he conducts a workshop at the HfG. 



22.06.2018 »History of Chinese porcelain art« 

25.06.2018 «Contemporary Chinese porcelain art« 

HfG Offenbach, Geleitstrasse 103, 1st floor, 12:30 pm 


In connection with the porcelain course by Merja Herzog-Hellstén and Klaus Hesse 



Marx 200 Exhibition in Trier. Poster by Felix Kosok ©2018

Marx 200 Exhibition in Trier. Poster by Felix Kosok ©2018

Marx 200 Exhibition in Trier

Even back then this was a call for action: "Philosophers have only interpreted the world; the point however is to change it." Two hundred years after his birth, Karl Marx's (1818-1883) theories have lost nothing of their relevance. Although none of the utopian promises could be fulfilled by existing communism and Marx's teachings have long been reserved for the dogmatic interpretations of Marxism, the recent financial crisis has shown that capitalist greed unleashes forces that our society can only barely counteract. All the more important is the critical examination of what Marx still has to tell us today. This is precisely what the students at the HfG Offenbach University of Art and the Nanjing Normal University have done intensively in their posters. They put Marx's theory on the visual test, found current references and asked honest questions. At the same time, they point out where capitalism is creating new injustices and encourage the viewer to take a stand. This won’t change the immediately, but the posters encourage reflection on this important philosopher and his critique of bourgeois and capitalist society. In this sense: Happy Birthday, Karl! 


The posters of the students of the HfG Offenbach and the Nanjing Normal University will be exhibited in the foyer of the Palais Walderdorff in Trier June 4 in the context of the great exhibition that marks the 200th birthday of Karl Marx. Vernissage is on 4th of June at 7 pm. 

Facebook Poster by Leandra Kleber Prof. Klaus Hesse

»Facebook« Poster by Leandra Kleber ©2018

Top 30 »Mut zur Wut« 2018

The "Facebook" motif by HfG student Leandra Kleber is one of the top 30 entries of »Mut zur Wut« poster competition. 


The political poster is experiencing a revival. In its 5th year, the international Poster Competition and Festival “Mut zur Wut” (“Courage to Rage”) has developed significant global relevance, which in 2014 will resulted in over 2500 submissions from 54 countries. 


The 30 award-winning posters, selected by an international jury, are displayed in public spaces and cause a stir where political changes usually begin: on the street. 


Throughout the past years, the exhibition was displayed not only in public space but also in various German cities such as Heidelberg, Mannheim, Berlin, Munich, Giessen, Lucerne (Switzerland), Perugia (Italy) as well as Oaxaca (Mexico) and Kuethaya (Turkey), and most recently in London. 


The poster was created in the course "1968" by Felix Kosok and Klaus Hesse. 

Marx 200 Exhibition Klasse Hesse Prof. Klaus Hesse

Poster by Jinwei/NNU ©2018

Preview »Marx 200«

Student's Exhibition of School of Art/HfG and School of Fine Arts/NNU by Yao Liu, Felix Kosok and Klaus Hesse 


Art Museum Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing/China 

8th to 30th of April, 2018 


»The philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways. the point however is to change it.« Karl Marx’s (1818 - 1883) statement could be read as a direct call to all designers. The course and workshop in Offenbach and Nanjing deals conceptually and creatively with the work of the most influential thinker of socialism and communism. His thoughts will be given a new form through posters and contemporary references. This might not quite change the world yet but it most certainly will stimulate reflection on this important philosopher and his criticism of bourgeois and capitalist society. The occasion is Marx's 200th birthday in 2018, accompanied by a exhibitions in Nanjing, Frankfurt and Trier.